story behind

Every painting tells a story

Mai 2019 - Karl Marx in Trier
Mai 2019 -  Karl Marx in Trier  -   Finally, the time had come: we had arranged the date and place for a meeting. And so, Eva from Odessa, Ute from Hamburg, Christiane from Normandy and me from Berlin travelled to Koblenz to... »read more

April 2019 - In the Forest of Nieder-Roden
April 2019 -  In the Forest of Nieder-Roden  - Girls' night out. Five of us sat around Gabi's living room table, in the middle was a pile of hidden cards for our little memory game. It was my turn to pick one. “Tell me about... »read more

March 2019 - The Little Elephant
March 2019 - The Little Elephant -   "Are there magnetic bookmarks with elephants on them this year?" asked several customers at the Leipzig Book Fair. With a suggestive look at my husband Klaus, I replied that so far nobody... »read more

February 2019 - In the North Sea
February 2019 - In the North Sea - "Oh, that’s a beautiful picture. A typical Swedish house," said a customer of mine, enjoying my motif depicting a fishing hut – actually painted in Norway! It stands on high wooden planks 300... »read more

January 2019 - At the end of the world
January 2019 - At the end of the world -   The end of the world always conjures up a name for me: Tierra del Fuego or, ‘the Land of Fire’. Smouldering volcanic cones, bubbling crater lakes? “None of this, but gigantic grass... »read more

December 2018 - Christmas Wight
December 2018 - Christmas Wight -   It was at Christmas time that I discovered the little knobbly felt figures. In the shop window of my Danish neighbour Tanja's translation agency, little wights glanced out between fir branches –... »read more

November 2018 - The Dancing Tree
November 2018 - The Dancing Tree - "Mama, what do you like better," my daughter Xira asked me many years ago, "the stars, the rivers, the trees or the flowers?" – “The trees", I answered her immediately. – “All?” Xira was quite... »read more

October 2018 - Lanyon Quoit
October 2018 - Lanyon Quoit - Be it the underground cities of Cappadocia, the stone age village on an Orkney island, or the caves of Mátala: I am fascinated by the places where people lived in prehistoric times. I love to see... »read more

September 2018 - António
September 2018 - António - António was a fisherman and a kind-hearted man. I got to know him many years ago in Portugal on the beach of Odeceixe and met him there repeatedly over the following years. António lived with a grey... »read more

August 2018 - Rangiroa
August 2018 - Rangiroa - Where were we? Somewhere in the vast Pacific, an hour’s flight north of Tahiti. We were standing less than one meter above sea level on the crater rim of a volcano of gigantic proportions: 260 kilometres... »read more