story behind

Every painting tells a story

July 2021 - Cable Car
July 2021 -  Cable Car  - The cable cars in San Francisco are a relic from another era. They rumble on thin rails over undulating terrain down to the sea and back up to the terminus. Up there in the tight curve, where the... »read more

June 2021 - Sweet Temptation
Juni 2021 -  Sweet Temptation - Was there a thunderstorm in the air? During a visit to where I grew up, a sweltering heat forced people back into their darkened homes. My mother's spirits were also in rest mode. Not so with me. I... »read more

May 2021 - Tree Frogs
May 2021 -  Tree Frogs  - The cloud rainforest of Monteverde in Costa Rica is a truly wondrous place. "It's always humid and foggy there," my husband Klaus told me, recalling a previous trip. But climate change isn’t sparing the... »read more

April 2021 - The Dream of Flying
April 2021 -  The Dream of Flying -   Almost everyone I know has flown in a dream. I myself fondly remember a dream sequence when I was sitting in a blossoming apple tree in a meadow and took off as if it were a matter of... »read more

March 2021 - Volkswagen Camper T1
March 2021 -  Volkswagen Camper T1  - Every year at the end of winter, when the sparrows chirp loudly in the bushes, migratory birds fly across the blue sky and the first green peeps out of the ground – then I feel the sand of... »read more

February 2021 - Touching Roses
February 2021 -  Touching Roses  - "My favourite flowers are roses. Red roses," said my friend Eva, "say what you like. I still enjoy their buds, their blossoms, their fragrance – and even their thorns. Don't you want to write a... »read more

January 2021 - The 'Three Pagodas'
January 2021 -  The 'Three Pagodas'  - It was one of those mouse-grey January days when my son Bruno and I arrived by train in the Chinese city of Dali in 2015 – on our long way to Shangri-La. In a very wondrous way, the fabulous... »read more

December 2020 - The World Clock
December 2020 - The World Clock -   A long time ago, when Germany and Berlin were still divided by an inhumane border strip, my parents and I lived in West Germany and my grandparents lived in the East. When I was a child, during... »read more

November 2020 - Zhuangzi
November 2020 -  Zhuangzi  -  The Little Caterpillar Once upon a time there was a small caterpillar. It lived on a colourful flower meadow. Every day it lay on its favourite leaf, looked up into the blue sky and dreamed of... »read more

October 2020 - Behind the horizon
  October 2020 - Behind the horizon - Books share a characteristic that makes them special and valuable in my eyes: between their covers lies the world of words, signs and images. A space for reality and fantasy. They are a treasure... »read more