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Every painting tells a story

September 2022 - BMW Boxer
September 2022 - BMW Boxer - We all have hobbies. Don't we? For me, they are an important balance to clear my head and recharge my batteries. In combination, they show something of our individuality. My hobbies, for example, are... »read more

August 2022 - In the Schlosspark
August 2022 - In the Schlosspark - Summer Holidays 1979. When all my friends were away in the summer and I was left alone in Berlin, I spent a lot of time with Charly, a little black poodle. Every day I picked up... »read more

July 2022 -Football World Cup 2014
July 2022   - Football World Cup 2014 -   I wasn't born with a ball on my foot, but I grew up in a football-loving family. My grandfather was the treasurer of the local football club, my uncles Waldemar, Hermann and... »read more

Juni 2022 - Wo der Mohn blüht
Juni 2022   - Where The Poppy Blooms - Claudia, a camerawoman by profession, met me, the painter, on the first Sunday in June to shoot a little clip of me painting. For my part, I brought along my large field easel and a finished... »read more

May 2022 - Lilies of the Valley
May 2022 - Lilies of the Valley - I can no longer tell whether the lilies of the valley in my picture came from our flowerbed in Berlin or my mother's in Hesse. Or did they grow in my mother-in-law's garden in Schleswig-Holstein?... »read more

April 2022 - The Dove of Peace in Odeceixe
April 2022 - The Dove of Peace in Odeceixe -   My favourite place, Odeceixe, is in the south of Portugal. I love the sea, the landscape, the people and their lovely nature there. It is best symbolised by the dark oval slates with... »read more

March 2022 - Favourite Colour Rainbow
March 2022 - Favourite Colour Rainbow - Rainbows are the most enchanting natural phenomenon I know. They appear in the sky when jet-black rain clouds are on the move and the sun comes out. I painted one over the Strait of Magellan... »read more

February 2022 - Valentina
February 2022 -  Valentina - Where does the fascination for roses come from? Their bright colours, their unmistakable fragrance? Their symbolic power for love and passion? Even as a child I could not resist their attraction. Not only... »read more

January 2022 - Magic Dwells in Every Beginning
January 2022 - Magic Dwells in Every Beginning - I love every new beginning and especially the moment when, traditionally at the start of the year, I open my watercolour box, newly stocked with 48 colours, and the colours shine... »read more

December 2021 - Day of Clouds
December 2021 -  Day of Clouds  - When I think in December about which motif of the calendar year that has almost passed probably means the most to me, I often focus very quickly on a single image. Usually it is the... »read more