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Every painting tells a story

Juli 2020 - Im Strandkorb
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Juni 2020 - On the West Beach
June 2020 -  On the West beach  - I still remember my first day on the West Beach. My goodness, how I worried on the way there, because I had no bathing suit with me. Oh, absolutely not a problem, I soon noticed, as almost all... »read more

May 2020 - Experiencing Nature
May 2020 - Experiencing Nature - When my mother and I talk about nature, we both mean something completely different. For me, everything that grows and is untouched is synonymous with nature, and for her, it's her well-kept... »read more

April 2020 - Variations of Art
April 2020 - Variations of Art -   My friend Monika is a fabric artist. Her images are large scale, colourful and very decorative. While my watercolours are almost always created 'pleinair' outdoors in nature, Monika sews and... »read more

März 2020 - Castillo de Castellar de la Frontera
March 2020   -  Castillo de Castellar de la Frontera - Some places you just don't forget, the castle Castillo de Castellar de la Frontera is one such a place. I had only vaguely remembered its name myself. I couldn't remember... »read more

February 2020 - The Cross-Country Ski Run in the Forest
February 2020 - The Cross-Country Ski Run in the Forest -   Our kid should finally experience real snow, we determined. So my husband Klaus and I drove with our son Joel into the deep snowy Thuringian Forest. Building snowmen,... »read more

January 2020 - Ché in Cuba
January 2020 - Ché in Cuba - 'Ché in Cuba', this is the motif I wanted to paint when my husband and I travelled to the Caribbean island in January 2019. During my first visit, 29 years earlier, Ché's stylised image was present... »read more

December 2019 - Santa Claus
December 2019 - Santa Claus -   When the conversation comes to Christmas, I always enthuse: "Christmas in Berlin has a special ambience." I am not just thinking of the shopping street Ku´damm, short for Kurfürstendamm, where... »read more

November 2019 - Ali
November 2019 - Ali - "Do you already know what you want to paint in Costa Rica?" my friend Monika asked me shortly before we left. – "Above all animals. Monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds, butterflies..." – "Now, you have set... »read more

Oktober 2019 - Zeesboot
October 2019 - The Zeesboot -   Time without end, good weather, alone and undisturbed. Isn't that a nice life? I am at the Baltic Sea and sitting in a Zeesboot, a type of sailing ship. It glides calmly over the water, the... »read more