story behind

Every painting tells a story

December 2018 - Christmas Wight
December 2018 - Christmas Wight -   It was at Christmas time that I discovered the little knobbly felt figures. In the shop window of my Danish neighbour Tanja's translation agency, little wights glanced out between fir branches –... »read more

November 2018 - The Dancing Tree
November 2018 - The Dancing Tree - "Mama, what do you like better," my daughter Xira asked me many years ago, "the stars, the rivers, the trees or the flowers?" – “The trees", I answered her immediately. – “All?” Xira was quite... »read more

October 2018 - Lanyon Quoit
October 2018 - Lanyon Quoit - Be it the underground cities of Cappadocia, the stone age village on an Orkney island, or the caves of Mátala: I am fascinated by the places where people lived in prehistoric times. I love to see... »read more

September 2018 - António
September 2018 - António - António was a fisherman and a kind-hearted man. I got to know him many years ago in Portugal on the beach of Odeceixe and met him there repeatedly over the following years. António lived with a grey... »read more

August 2018 - Rangiroa
August 2018 - Rangiroa - Where were we? Somewhere in the vast Pacific, an hour’s flight north of Tahiti. We were standing less than one meter above sea level on the crater rim of a volcano of gigantic proportions: 260 kilometres... »read more

July 2018 - Domino
July 2018 - Domino - Donkeys are known to be very persistent and patient. Wouldn’t they be the ideal model for my first animal picture? “Sure, you're welcome to paint my donkeys,” enthused Horst, an early retiree and donkey lover... »read more

June 2018 - The Statue of Liberty
June 2018 - The Statue of Liberty -   The Statue of Liberty is probably New York’s best-known landmark. It stands for the USA, for freedom and democracy – and the hope of millions of immigrants for a better life. Today it is... »read more

May2018 - The Poplar Avenue
May 2018 - The Poplar Avenue - It was a beautiful May day when I set up my easel at the edge of the village, exactly where the cobblestone road ends and merges into a sand path. Lined by tall, slender poplars in fresh green, the... »read more

April 2018 - The Eternal Spring of Crete
April 2018 - The Eternal Spring of Crete - What do we like about Crete in the spring so much that we come back every year? This question occupied us one evening when we were sitting with friends at Athanasia’s tavern. On the... »read more

March 2018 - Rapa Nui
March 2018 - The Moai of Rapa Nui - Of the many islands in the world, the one I find the most mysterious is Rapa Nui, also called Easter Island. A tiny May-green patch in the deep blue Pacific Ocean, many flying hours away from any... »read more