story behind

Every painting tells a story

June 2023 - The Prerow Lighthouse
Juni 2023 - The Prerow Lighthouse -   I love the coast, the cliffs and surf, the dunes, the beach. Sometimes the blue of the sky and the sea shines bright and clear, sometimes it shimmers deep, the clouds and waves gently sway or... »read more

May 2023 - May Green
May 2023 - May Green - As early as April, when the first leaf buds burst open bing-bong, but especially in May, when all the trees and bushes glow in rich May green, I remember what makes the unique charm of nature in our latitudes.... »read more

April 2023 - The Magic Violin
April 2023 - The Magic Violin -   For many years now I have been selling my reproduced watercolour motifs as magnetic bookmarks. They are not only suitable for books, but also as magnetic marking clips for sheet music. So not a... »read more

März 2023 - Sydney Opera
March 2023 - Sydney Opera - Everywhere I go, I also like to paint the landmarks. Many stand as symbol for a place, some for a region, some for countries and the Sydney Opera House even for a whole continent. Everyone who sees this... »read more

February 2023 - Tropical Night
February 2023 - Tropical Night - When we are celebrating a new year in Germany, other nations are still in preparations for New Year's Eve. I would have loved to have spent the turn of the year 1999-2000 on the Polynesian... »read more

January 2023 - Tango Argentino
January 2023 - Tango Argentino - I don't think anyone who loves to dance can resist the temptation of a stopover in Buenos Aires on a trip through South America. The idea of immersing oneself in the sizzling world of Tango Argentino... »read more

December 2022 - The Journey is the Goal
December 2022 - The Journey is the Goal - The most beautiful thing about plein air painting is painting in the open air. Just like recently in Portugal, when I planned a painting together with my daughter. The motif: she as a... »read more

November 2022 - Venice by night
November 2022 -  Venice at Night  - These were days beyond the ordinary. We were immersed in a stream of people that surged over the bridges and squares, through churches, palaces and museums, crowded over narrow footbridges and... »read more

Oktober 2022 - View from Fernanda`s Apartment
October 2022 - View from Fernanda's Apartment - For many years, a coastal town in the south of Portugal has been a second home to me. Since 1992, I have spent several weeks there every year in Fernanda's apartment – with my husband... »read more

September 2022 - BMW Boxer
September 2022 - BMW Boxer - We all have hobbies. Don't we? For me, they are an important balance to clear my head and recharge my batteries. In combination, they show something of our individuality. My hobbies, for example, are... »read more