Magnetic Bookmarks


FAQs | Private Customers


1. What is MAJOBA?

MAJOBA is the company of the Berlin artist, Marion J. Bartz. Her motifs are available as magnetic bookmarks in the online shop www.lesemagnete.


2. What does MAJOBA sell?

MAJOBA sells magnetic bookmarks to private and business customers. Besides the magnets, business customers can also purchase displays for a clearly arranged presentation in the checkout area.


3. Which MAJOBA products are available?

The MAJOBA range comprises the magnetic bookmark in the sizes Mini, Classic and Maxi. The gift cards 'Trio' with three magnetic bookmarks and the six part MAJOBA gift sets in Mini and Classic are also available. The booklet 'Range of emotions' combines the watercolours of the artist with her poems.


4. What are the formats of the magnetic bookmarks?

The magnetic bookmarks are available in the sizes Mini (2.2 x 3.2 cm), Classic (2.8 x 4.1 cm) and Maxi (4.0 x 5.8 cm).


5. What are the different formats suitable for?

We recommend the Mini magnetic bookmarks for calendars and address books. This size is also good to securely mark pages cookery books, school books and scientific dissertations.

Our „Classics“, the magnetic bookmarks of the Classic range are ideal for all paperbacks.

We recommend the Maxi magnetic bookmarks for pages of large books and as a small “decoration”. The Maxi magnetic bookmarks are very popular with children and older people because they are so easy to handle.


6. What material are the magnetic bookmarks made of?

The magnetic bookmarks consist of two differently polarised magnetic foil sides that attract each other. According to their size, they hold one book page (Mini), up to three book pages (Classic) and up to five books pages (Maxi) together.


7. How do I use the magnetic bookmark?

Press the pliable magnetic bookmark lightly from below so that the two magnetic foil sides will shift. You can now easily open the magnetic bookmark with one hand and clip it onto a page. To remove the bookmark from the page, lift one side by applying light pressure from below. The magnetic attraction is then interrupted and the magnetic bookmark will release itself from the page.


8. Do the magnetic bookmarks leave traces in books?

As we work with extremely thin magnetic foil, the magnetic bookmarks are barely noticeable in the book. They do not leave any pressure marks on the pages.


9. How durable are the magnetic bookmarks?

Our experience has shown that if you handle your magnetic bookmarks carefully you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.


10. Doesn´t such a small magnetic bookmark get lost quickly?

The following principle has been tried and tested: Do not put down your magnetic bookmark just anywhere, but clip it in another location around a book page. In this way it cannot get lost!


11. How expensive is a magnetic bookmark?

The prices are graded according to size: magnetic bookmarks in the size Mini cost 2.95 Euro, in the size Classic 4.45 Euro and in the size Maxi 5.95 Euro.


12. Who pays the shipping costs? How high are they?

The purchaser pays for the shipping costs. A shipping flat rate of 2.20 Euro is charged inside Germany, for international shipments a shipping flat rate of 3.70 Euro. Shipping is free of charge from a purchase value of 100 Euro net.


13. How long is the delivery period?

As a rule, the order is shipped after receipt of payment within two to three work days.


14. How do I pay?

The payment transaction is concluded either by prepayment or via PayPal.


15. Can I buy MAJOBA products directly ex stock?

The products are not available directly ex stock, they can only be ordered online.


16. Where else can I find MAJOBA products?

You can also buy the MAJOBA products at selective art markets and exhibitions. You will find out the precise details under the menu item „MAJOBA on site“.


17. How do I complain?

You will find all the information concerning the return of goods in our general terms and conditions of business (§ 3, section 6: Written notice of cancellation).


18. Are there any more magnetic bookmark motifs?

New MAJOBA magnetic bookmarks are launched at regular intervals or for special occasions or matching the seasons, which can then be found in the online as specials.


19. Will there be new collections?

There is a whole new collection and a new catalogue flyer once a year. The motifs of the older collection continue to be available.


20. How can I find out about innovations?

You can subscribe to our newsletter. It will appear as soon as there are new products available or if a whole new collection is introduced. You will find specials and dates directly in the online shop


21. Is there a catalogue?

There is a catalogue flyer which presents a complete overview of the different motifs of the entire collection, appearing once a year.


22. Are there any further MAJOBA products?

MAJOBA-Booklets and Calendars


23. Are magnetic bookmarks available that are especially designed according to my wishes?

Such individual designing of magnetic bookmarks are possible.