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Dear friends of MAJOBA!


Nothing relaxes or grips me more than a day with paint brushes ,  paper and paints.  When I paint, I prefer to be alone and undisturbed.  In this way I can immerse myself fully in the image and make the most of my favourite pastime.


The decision to capture the image and reproducing it and all its facets is usually quite spontaneous.  Whether it be an enchanting landscape, a fascinating bud, a street scene or an inspiring atmosphere – I experience a profound desire to get close to the image and become completely absorbed in it.  This is usually a slow process because to paint means to observe, understand and discover.  As soon as I feel at home with my surroundings, the first coloured outlines appear on my watercolour paper.  Then I start to feel an inner peace.  I let my thoughts take the lead and I glance between the image and the paint box.  When I’m mixing colours and fully immersed in the image, hours and hours can pass – sometimes it feels like seconds and other times like years.


I’m completely relaxed whilst painting and aware of how wonderful life is when you are able to do what you love .  Suddenly I discover subtleties and small details which I hadn’t noticed before. This is what lends my paintings their depth and unmistakable character.  Landscape paintings are always a great challenge for me as the nature surrounding me is constantly changing; the sun goes down, buds close and the tide comes in.


My favourite paintings develop out of a situation.  Painting busy scenes of places is a lot of fun but demanding at the same time.   I find people and street scenes particularly demanding.  These pictures have a very personal character because I experience not only myself painting  but also that of the people I am painting.  Every image has its own charm:  discovering the character of people and places and reconstructing this is what I love most.  I’m extremely happy when the people being painted are happy with the painting.


I’m very grateful for every painting I’m allowed to paint because it’s putting  time and emotions onto paint and paper.  I’d like to invite you warmly to discover my work and wish you lots of fun in the process.


Many thanks and kind regards,

Marion J. Bartz