Magnetic Bookmarks




MAJOBA, that’s me: Marion Johanna Bartz

I have been drawn to faraway places from an early age. Whilst travelling in 1978, I discovered a love for painting in nature. Plein air painting with watercolours became my passion, long before I began writing. Whether writing or painting, the real world is my subject. I create sketches, stories, and narratives from experiences. They always revolve around an image.

I enjoy exchanging with others, discovering the world with a paintbrush, and exploring my memories with a pen. I see my task as an artist in making my art something that others can experience as well. Travelling, painting, and writing are the foundations of my company MAJOBA – art full of joie de vivre. Since 2012, my motifs have been available here as magnetic bookmarks and my stories as booklets.

When it comes to my art, the journey is its own reward.


Marion J. Bartz