August 2017

- Enjoying the Day -



I wake up before sunrise and walk to the sea at dawn. No one to be seen far and wide, only seagulls looking for food between wet, glittering stones and shells. A poetic morning.

“Seagulls screech,

Still cool the beach,

Still cool the sand,

Waves ripple the calm sea until the shore they reach.”

There is a red bucket in the sand, and the Baltic coast beach chairs look as if they have been left behind like toys. I just let myself sit down where I am.

“Towering clouds, the smell of the coast,

Birds flutter through the air, giving their upmost.“

Yes, today I will paint a classic Baltic coast beach chair. For Holger, who loves them so much. “They are so cosy,” he once told me, “you feel secure in it - no matter whether it rains, it is stormy or the sun is smiling on you. And beach chairs are simply pure luxury: the ideal observation point for a discreet view of the beach life. When you remove the foot part, you can stretch your legs and doze, there are folding tables for drinks. In the evening, you simply put your bits and bobs down into the drawers, put up the wooden lattice, close it up, and you have everything ready for you the next day.”

I prefer sitting in the sand, somewhere in the dunes, on the rocks, close to the sea.

“Beach grass is moved by the wind as if from within,

Sand is blown on to my skin.”

Boats are sailing on the horizon, the first rays of sunshine glisten on the waves. A young woman is jogging through the motif - as graceful as a gazelle. My eyes follow her. Two amber hunters stalk along step by step, in the distance a man plays with his dog. Soon it will be busy. It is August and high season. But I still have time.

“Still and far the beach,

Toes deep in the sand´s reach.”


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