July 2017

- Steep rocks, powerful sea -


The world is infinitely rich in beautiful places. Some known by every man and his dog, and many known by but a few. In every country, in every city, I have found places that I liked. A clearing in the forest, a meadow in the park, a window in a café. But I have a real favourite place. I discovered it many years ago. It is located in the south-west of Portugal on a cliff at the end of a hidden footpath. On a small plateau in the rock stands the brown leather rear seat of a car, old and comfortable. The sea deep below me is like a large billowing carpet, the sky above it seems almost limitless. Sometimes I go there to paint, but mostly just to be there.


At any time, if I close my eyes, I can imagine my favourite place, feel once again the sun and the wind, smell the salt air and listen to the surf. Around me blue skies, blue sea, foam riding over the waves, as it has done since time immemorial. A seagull flies past at my level, I follow her flight to the steep rocks. Or the sky is brightly illuminated, the bright red sun disappears behind the horizon. I can feel that the earth is not flat but a sphere. It turns and I go with it. Or it's night. A long wide piece of cloth spreads over the sparkling deep black. The cloth is milky white and threadbare. I am a part of it at its frayed hem.


I like to sit at my favourite place, alone, just for me. Because here space and time lose their importance, my whole life gains meaning.


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