March 2016

- The Little Bunny -

/1084-1740-thickbox/somos.jpgGorgeous spring time in Portugal. We were visiting our friends Fernanda and Amandio in the countryside and their little field outside the village. Here they had planted sweet potatoes and other vegetables, chickens strutted around cackling loudly. We ate lunch together in the outdoor kitchen.

"Do you also have rabbits?" I asked Amandio. "Quite a few, how about I show you?" Bordering the back wall of the building was a large enclosure with about three dozen rabbits with brown-beige-gray fur. "You can paint all of them!" suggested Amandio mischievously - "All of them? No, for goodness sake, one would be enough for me".  "Well, then try your luck," he said, amused.

A few days later I was sitting in front of the enclosure, viewed with suspicion by all the rabbits. Not one animal was stirring - on the contrary: they were frozen. I chose a pretty small one near the fence as a model and began to paint his eyes. But all too quickly the herd had become used to my presence - and were moving again: stretching, fidgeting, hopping, hobbling, scuttling and jumping. The little one I was painting was suddenly up and away, nibbling on apples corners and it finally disappeared into the crowd - never to return. What to do? Necessity is the mother of invention. I changed the strategy I had just decided upon and simply did all the rabbits, who came before my brush, and added them to my models. From this one the ears, from that one the little mouth, from the third one the body shape, from the fourth the tufty tail, from one the coat, from the other its paws - and in the end many rabbits made up my little bunny.


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