February 2016

- The First Glimpse of Spring -


I step out of the front door and look around me. Everything is normal, actually more or less the same as it always is in February: fir and spruce are hibernating in the garden, next to the bleak, leafless branches of deciduous trees and shrubs. The sun seems almost powerless; it is a dull yellow disc on a pastel gray-blue sky. I breathe deeply in and out – and do you know what? Something seems different, even if this feeling is more of an inkling than reality. Yes, that is it, the air smells sweet, flowery, fresh and powerful, the air’s flavor almost tastes like spring, like colors as striking as tulips, crocuses, daffodils and primroses.

Is it really Spring? On the rigid grass there are still glistening patches of harsh snow - but notwithstanding that: snowdrops are peeping out from under the hardy bushes. This morning, I discovered them for the first time. I grab my painting things from the house and a thick padded cushion. And so I sit on the hard and crusted earth and paint the delicate flowers. They appear to be the last remnant of the departing winter, even though they hail the beginning of the new year of flowers.


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