September 2015

- Holbein 5 -


Some houses seem to exist in such idyllic harmony with their garden that one can readily speak of a little paradise. My good friend Rudi created precisely such a space with his home and I was keen to capture it in a painting – with him as the focal point, of course. But when I finally had time for the painting, Rudi was just about to set out for Berlin. His train couldn’t wait so our meeting took place with a restrictive time limit. Nevertheless Rudi had, as per usual, an aura of calmness during the brief fifteen minutes that he posed in his door frame. I caught his image on the paper in no time at all and, in the following days, serenely filled in the gaps with everything that had surrounded him: the house, the terrace, the garden, the many affectionate details in the lush greenery. And also, of course, his cat, Glöckchen, who enjoyed observing me painting from his tree stump. I sat under a big parasol – expertly provided for with coffee, snacks and good music by Rudi’s housemate, Gerald – and ignored the rain that fell relentlessly while I was there.

Rudi’s home stands for variety and lushness, love and care for every detail. Even the smallest plant has the space and air it needs to develop; every stray piece of glass has room to sparkle in the sunlight. In the middle of a densely populated housing estate of stylish family homes, this little refuge of joyful life lies hidden – separated from the street by a couple of bushes and from the neighbours by a wire fence. Whoever is in the mood for an escape from the normality of everyday routine can call by: Rudi’s door is always open for all his friends.


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