December 2014

- The Christmas Tree -


Christmas is a festival with many symbols. The Christmas tree fascinated me even at a very young age. Not only because of its flickering candles that gave our living room a particularly wonderful atmosphere on Christmas Eve, its glittering baubles and shining stars that conjured up a Christmas sparkle, and the lovingly packed presents that were spread under its branches: around the fir tree, a family event always sprouted up as well. My father was responsible for the purchase of the tree, my mother took care of the decorations, and together they decorated the tree on Christmas Eve – secretly, behind a closed door. I was excited when we ceremoniously entered the living room together and the tree shone back at us. Because it was beautiful every year, even if a little different each time too. Most of all, I loved its naturalness and its smell of winter, the forest, and the wilderness. Nowadays I prefer to leave the trees in the forest, but any beautifully decorated Christmas tree still has the power to move me.


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