September 2014:

-  The Old Place -



I took a whole week for this picture and a little journey of thought into my past. In the mornings, I positioned myself on a stool in the small alleyway and devoted myself with leisure to the buildings, all of which I was familiar with from my childhood. To the right of me was the old nurses’ home. I went to kindergarten here and there always seems to be a sweet smell of cocoa scenting the air. In front of me was the old teacher’s house, which was actually insignificant, the street before it, however, was a place for wild cycling rallies and celebratory processions. I connected church attendance with the church behind, with the old church tower, the peal of bells and history, as its foundations were laid as a fortified tower almost 1300 years ago. Next to it my first school peeked forth through some trees.  Drawing the Easter bunny with chalk on a slate, that is my memory of my first day at school. Next to it lies the playground. Didn’t we use to play Gummitwist, and hide and seek here? Ultimately on the left next to me was the pub, which in the local dialect was called simply ‘Beim Alten’ (the Old Guy) and where I not only saw my first film in the cinema hall, but also when the carnival was on, spent some amusing nights at the sekt bar and was drunk for the first time. The longer I sat here and painted, the stronger the memories became – especially of my friend Mechtild, with whom I connected all these places and who had lived in Canada for years. Two little girls, who visited me almost every day, gave me an idea: I’d paint the two off them into the picture, to symbolise our childhood in this place. The picture was as good as finished, and I looked more dreamily than thoughtfully to the street, as I couldn’t believe my eyes: Suddenly, and completely unexpectedly, my friend Mechtild and her son turned the corner. Was this real? She wanted to show him where she’d grown up! We were immensely delighted that our paths had crossed again in this place. Are pleasant coincidences the true spice of life?


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