August 2014

- Experience and Enjoy -


Familiar with the vast, wild, roaring surf of the Atlantic in the south of Portugal, I struggled for a long time to want to get to know the Baltic Sea. I preferred the view of steep cliffs into the deep and the constant change, the ebb and flow brought with it rather than a smooth sea; rather a swim through huge waves than calm water. This absolute preference didn’t change for a long time, when I discovered the Fischland. Here it was, above all, the sky that charmed me with its spell, its effect like a dome, arching over this headland. And overall – again and again I discovered lots that I liked and by this time I was very excited by this patch of land. It’s great here when the sun goes down and the bands of cloud seem near enough to touch, the view curves into the distance and up high and becomes full of loud colours.


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