November 2013

- Mariona -


My birthday is in the middle of November, so at a time when in our part of the world, the bare trees stretch their branches sadly into the grey sky. The natural dreariness has an effect, not just on the city, but often also on the people. Shrouded in dark, heavy clothing, every high spirit seems to be extinguished. Despite this, for me, November is a pleasant month, as having a birthday means celebrating. The joy of anticipation and the hustle and bustle, and then finally an afternoon and evening among friends. I see many of them only once a year! I would love to lengthen it and stretch it out – or to simply stop time, so that the first guest wouldn’t have to leave again so quickly. The day after, the pleasant scent of cooking and a summery easiness continue to waft around my four walls. I enjoy the pretty flowers that decorate my vases and make my November especially joyful and colourful. To me, it’s clear: They are begging to be painted! And so, year after year, the prettiest blooms are my model. Each painting of the flowers is dedicated to and named after the person who gave me the flowers.


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