July 2013

- Evening Mood -



I love nice surprises and beautiful places. All of a sudden it lay before us: Moisteros Bay. It was love at first sight. We stood high up on the pass and soaked up the surroundings – as the thirsty do, having just been given fresh water. Yes, we would stay here, find a spot for the tent below on the beach. It was a stony beach, the water was cold and we were the only campers. But none of that mattered. We sat in front of the tent, looked across the sea athat nd felt infinitely satisfied. As the days passed, so did our plans to move to pastures new. We stayed there on that beach until the final day of our holiday. The best thing would have been to lay down roots there, making the little house above our long-term residence. Yes we were enchanted, one could say magnetically attracted, to this place. When I look at this picture today, my thoughts are transported back there and I also see the dolphins Klaus discovered and showed to me.


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