May 2013

- View from the old House -

- View from the old House -



Once there was a time when I dreamed of living in this house in Portugal. It was situated on a hillside with a view over a large valley, over fertile fields rising up to the village. On some days you could see even further to the cool green of the distant mountains. The house was empty at that time and the owner said: "There’s no water or light here, but the rent is cheap to compensate. Only 5,000 Escudos a month!" At that time this was only around 50 Deutschmarks (around £20 or $35.) Nevertheless, I could not and did not want to choose the house. So, some other people moved in and stayed there for many years. Laundry flapped in the wind, a pack of small dogs yapped at every car, moped and pedestrian, the orange trees blossomed, bore fruit, were harvested, and the vine twined itself up and up to the mighty oak tree. I often walked past the house, as it was on the way to the beach. And then it was suddenly abandoned. Despite this, the house was inviting, as the doors were wide open. So I went in and looked around. The tenants had left no trace of themselves, everything was how it had been when I had first seen it. Both cool and warm at the same time, old and cosy. I lay my jacket on the floor and made myself comfy at the door. Luckily I had my painting things with me and that is how this picture came about – leisurely and with enjoyment. It was my way of greeting the house and saying goodbye to it at the same time. My thoughts shifted to the depths of time, to what was and what will never be, they returned, remained and were left again to new dreams.


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