December 2012

- Nica and the Santas -



In the run-up to Christmas. They stood next to the advent calendars and baked goods in the sweets departments of the shops, in rank and file just like every other year: the chocolate Santas. This time they inspired me to paint a new picture. Soon every type of Santa Claus stood on our shelf in the living room. In the middle was Nica, the chocolate Mrs Claus that my friend Sigrid had found for me.

When is your picture finally going to be finished?” asked a chocolate-hankering voice. Jordan, my son’s friend, kept his eyes firmly fixed on the Santas whilst asking this. He had accompanied my son home from school for several days. Both boys then lingered on the living room sofa, busy thinking about which Santa they would eat first.

Eventually the picture was completed. Christmas was long over and Joel and Jordan unwrapped the Santas with great enthusiasm. “Mmm, it tastes good” one of them said with relish. “This one here’s good too!” answered the other and handed over a bit to taste.

Only Nica, Mrs Claus, remained wrapped on the shelf, as I had wanted. But one day she had disappeared as well. No-one knew where. Even the children.


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