September 2012

- Garden Delights -



Painting some pictures begins in one place and ends in a completely different one. I liked the sunflowers in my uncle’s garden, the dahlias in the neighbours’ front garden and I discovered brightly-coloured asters in an allotment behind the village. There, I lost sight of the grey, overcast heights and looked only at the colourful flowers below. I was torn from my own little world by the first few large raindrops. I quickly opened my umbrella – but I did not think for a moment about cycling home. The flowers with their glowing colours still captivated me. On the path through the field a larger and a smaller umbrella approached. “Mum, why is the lady painting in the rain?” I heard the child ask. The mother’s answer was lost in the sound of the rain. Well alright, I never would have started the picture in the rain, but why do I not stop because of it? Perhaps because when I paint, I always become part of the landscape and therefore simply accept the rigours of the weather. As long as the paper stays dry, everything is alright.


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