July 2019

- The Lighthouse -



"Where is this lighthouse, anyway?" they keep asking me. Is it the Amrumer or the Sylter or this or that? Many buyers of my magnetic bookmarks, especially at the arts and crafts markets on the Baltic and North Sea coasts, are real experts when it comes to lighthouses and would like to know more. "Actually, there isn't really one," I confess in this case and am really a little embarrassed when I explain that I didn't correctly assess the proportions when painting the Westerheversand lighthouse on the Eiderstedt peninsula. My lighthouse simply turned out too short – and there was no room on the paper for the two typical little houses to his left and right.

I continue saying that I just couldn't manage to abandon the pretty red and white striped lighthouse. So, I included the motif in my magnetic bookmark collection – and the fact that this lighthouse would quickly become a bestseller, well, I never expected that. But it also looks so nice with the little trees and this little cloud, my customers often say so and like to take it, even though it doesn’t really belong anywhere. It is simply 'the' lighthouse par excellence.

The fascination of the lighthouse. You can find it all over the world and I paint it with true passion whenever the opportunity arises. Even if their function is the same everywhere and consists in warning the helmsmen of particularly dangerous places in the waters, they are different in size, form and appearance: some are mouse grey and square, others are part of a building complex, some are small and compact, others are true giants. Only very few correspond to the red and white or black and white striped lighthouses you find in souvenir shops all along the German coast; they are very much a favourite of my customers. Lighthouses – they are the symbol for sea and shipping, navigation at night, brightness and stability, but also for holidays, the beach and recreation. So, it’s no wonder that these buildings are a permanent source of fascination for so many enthusiasts and collectors. Even native landlubbers like me!


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