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December 2022

- The Journey is the Goal -


The most beautiful thing about plein air painting is painting in the open air. Just like recently in Portugal, when I planned a painting together with my daughter. The motif: she as a hiker. We thought carefully about the place, the day and the time, looked for a walking stick for her and then in the beautiful landscape for a secluded spot that we both liked. Finally we set off. The sun burned hotly on the back of our necks, the surf kept thundering in long, drawn-out waves. Sometimes seagulls flying by eyed the extraordinary still-life image we both offered: my daughter remained steadfast as a model while I tried to capture her radiance with a brush.

In between the long periods of concentrated work, we both paused every now and then to chat cheerfully about her recently completed trek through sunny and rainy days, to enjoy the view over the sea and to let our thoughts wander into the distance. And then the painting session was over, the shared experience merged with the sheet of paper to form a picture. In my eyes, the Chinese philosopher Confucius is absolutely right: those who enjoy the journey experience joy and serenity – and the longed-for destination becomes all the more beautiful. In my eyes, this wisdom applies equally to painting and hiking.


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