Magnetic Bookmarks


September 2022

- BMW Boxer -


We all have hobbies. Don't we? For me, they are an important balance to clear my head and recharge my batteries. In combination, they show something of our individuality. My hobbies, for example, are travelling, painting, writing, and those of my husband Klaus are travelling, sports and motorcycling. Travelling is where we criss-cross. So it's not really remarkable that we surprise each other every year with a little trip – alternately I surprise him or he surprises me. Usually it's in mid-September for our wedding anniversary. Either way around, it's always exciting.

"Pack as little as possible," Klaus once gave me a first tip. – "Swimming costumes?" – "Hmm, why not." Maybe he was planning a bike ride to the sea? However, when he pulled out his second leather jacket and red crash helmet on the day of departure, I knew. We were going on a motorbike tour together for the first time! First to the Spreewald, then to Görlitz. Why don't we go further south, was my idea. And so we drove to Jablonné in the Czech Republic, where my father had grown up. There I remembered my parents' honeymoon. My father wanted to 'show my mother the mountains' back then. For a fortnight they were on the road on his BMW. She wore a leather cap, aviator googles and an anorak – and the bag with the clothes for both of them she had clamped between her and my father. Even today she cringes when she thinks of the bad suspension and the sunburn on her face.

Unlike my mother, I have enjoyed sitting on the back seat as a passenger ever since my first motorbike tour with Klaus. I love the vibration, rattling and roaring of the engine, the feeling of acceleration, the wind in my face and the excitement when we take the bends together. I never had the courage to want to ride a motorbike myself. Too much fear of an oil slick on the road or a breakdown. However, I have complete trust in Klaus and his driving. He cherishes the big, heavy machine like a treasure – and he even cleaned it especially carefully for my watercolour painting. "We could go for a ride again," we say, when at the same time we are gripped by motorbike fever. And then we're off and running.


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