October 2020

- Behind the horizon -


Books share a characteristic that makes them special and valuable in my eyes: between their covers lies the world of words, signs and images. A space for reality and fantasy. They are a treasure chest, a bubbling spring.

I still remember my first book. As a first-grader, reading was a long and bumpy undertaking for me at first. The last story, however, was quite fluid. It was about Hansi, an injured sparrow that my book heroine of about the same age nursed back to health with the help of her mother. What I read touched me. Empathy is certainly one of the reasons why I developed a passion for reading and why books fascinate me over and over again. Fairy tales, adventure stories and romance novels were followed by travelogues and biographies, novels of world literature, non-fiction, encyclopaedias. I like to succumb to the wonderful world of words and thoughts, to immerse myself, to let go and be inspired.

Reading was soon followed by writing. Thoughts meld and form until they take shape and gain grace. At first the autobiographical experience was the focus of my attention. The everyday with its colourful, maybe even sparkling specks. Ever since I started painting, my stories have revolved around the images I create. A story paints without colours, a picture speaks without words. Both have their secrets and seem to point beyond their own horizons.


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