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MAJOBA – Art full of joie de vivre

MAJOBA – Art full of joie de vivre

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MAJOBA is the company of the Berlin painter and author Marion J. Bartz. Marion J. Bartz finds her motifs, which she paints in plein air with watercolours, all over the world, as well as right on her doorstep. About the artist


MAJOBA magnetic bookmarks with motifs by the artist are handmade magnetic bookmarks for everyone who loves to read. MAJOBA magnetic bookmarks come in three sizes – mini, classic, and maxi – and make reading a colourful pastime. They also make the perfect gift for any occasion. In her monthly exhibitions, you can discover her newest motifs. To the online exhibition


MAJOBA booklets: Marion J. Bartz’s plein air paintings are full of stories, which she tells in her booklets. The booklets are combined with a MAJOBA magnetic bookmark. To the booklets


Arts and crafts markets and fairs: Get to know us personally. MAJOBA events