September 2013

- Blossom Wedding -


Klaus and I had been married. Enchanting bouquets covered every available space in our appartment the day after.

"It looks great now, but it’s such a shame that you won’t have them for very long," remarked my mother shortly before she left, adding: "Unless you paint them!" Paint flowers? Up until then I had concentrated exclusively on motifs from the wild outdoors. But why not paint flowers for once, especially our wedding bouquets? This way we would get to enjoy them for the rest of our lives. When the decision was made about the flower picture, we gathered all the vases and put them on the table. Then began a battle against the clock: every hour was precious, as despite trimming the stems and the freshness of the blossoms, we could not prevent them from wilting. The first thing I did was paint the flowers that were losing their strength fastest .

"You have to hurry, Mum!" my daughter Xira kept urging me. She had started painting the bouquets at the same time as me and her picture had long been finished. Mine was flecked with lots of bright dashes of colour, but even after a couple more days’work, it still was not a properly finished picture. While Klaus provided us with snacks, Xira had to hold up the drooping blooms so I could still paint them. Finally it occurred to me that we could put the bouquets on paper, before they lost all of their splendour. I was happy. So now there are two pictures which serve as a lovely reminder of this special day and of our friends, who enriched it with bright, fragrant flowers.


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