November 2017

- Life's Acoustic Colours -



Sometimes you have a good idea: for my last milestone birthday I asked all my friends and family to give me a CD with their favourite music on. I had no idea of the wide range of musical tastes my guests had. Since receiving their musical birthday gifts, I can now roam continents, live through decades, move through all musical genres. The music of my new collection is full of contrasts and contradictions: loud and quiet. Light and heavy. Slow and fast. Hard and soft. Cheerful and melancholic. Simple and complicated. Traditional and experimental. Sweet and spicy. Dreamy and rebellious. But every single CD is harmonious and beautiful.

What is it that is special about music? Is it special despite or perhaps because of its multifaceted nature? I asked friends and family – and was surprised again by the diverse spectrum of answers. “Music is a universal language,” my friend Christiane replied, “anyone in the world can understand it. In ancient China, the character of music meant ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’. It was even believed that music could preserve or restore the foundations of the universe.” – “Music creates community,” my mother explained, “one plays, sings and dances together.” – “It originates out of a certain mood and creates a certain mood,” said my son Joel after a moment's thought. – “Music just touches my soul,” my friend Roswitha said determinedly and added with a brief laugh, “but of course, not every type of music is food for my soul.” Others said that music was entertaining, relaxing or liberating. Music makes life easier and better. It is a challenge, an adventure, connects the heart and the stomach, brings passion to life, fascinates. It can calm, soothe, console, cheer, refresh, enchant, sweep you off with it. For me, music is the salt of life and in every way a wonderful gift.


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