October 2015

- Oldie but Goldie -


Some places, even very small ones, have a reputation that rushes on ahead of them, or still lingers years later. One such place is Matala on the south coast of Crete, which I had first heard of as teenager. In the 1960s and 70s it was famous for its dugout caves, the beautiful beaches and hippies, who coined the term, “Today is life, tomorrow never comes.”

40 years later, everything from those days has of course disappeared.  Entry to the caves is no longer free and the image of the place has become commercialised. The day was, however, sunny and warm, there were hardly any cars or people to be seen. Whilst I was strolling along, a VW-Beetle on the roadside caught my eye. It was far too beautiful to be true. However, I liked it straight away, as it I could sense the zeitgeist from back then. I sat opposite a in a café, painting relaxed with tee and biscuits and enjoying the peaceful October day, which completely fulfilled by ideas notions of Matala.


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