October 2013

- Celestial Cloud -


I’ve lived in Berlin for a long time. Every October for many years, I’ve taken part in the ‘Querschnitt’ (Cross-Section) art exhibition in the district of Kreuzberg. I painted a motif for it; not in the usual documentary style, but expanded to the fourth dimension: ‘time.’ I christened this different style, ‘movistic.’ In short: everything is in motion. In 2005, I took part in Querschnitt with a collage named ‘Celestial Cloud.’ For this, I packed up my painting materials and spent 35 days  in the open air: I went to a field on the edge of town, the Landwehr Canal, the river Spree, and to my local park, ‘Hasenheide’ Park. In doing so, I discovered the variety of nuanced blue in the sky and the palette of cloud formations in the daylight. Overlapping spiral formations jostled across the overall picture. ‘The Sky Above Berlin’: for once, on the days I painted, beautiful plump white clouds sailed over my city. This went into the collage as no. 10/35 and formed just a part of the whole. However, it’s a special picture for me, put simply: my ‘celestial cloud.’


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