November 2012

- Mollie -


Grey sky, drizzle – it does not matter: the day has finally come for me to paint a horse. And not just any horse, but Mollie, the horse my daughter Xira is looking after. I have come especially to Oldenburg and now we are sitting in the drizzle in front of the stable – Xira on a chair, wearing a raincoat, rain hat and holding Mollie’s reins, me opposite both of them, under a canopy with my painting tools on my knees. “Will it take long?” asks Xira unenthusiastically. “No idea!” I answered irritably. It is not a good day for a picture. Mollie is the only one who seems relaxed and listens to us with pointed ears, so it is these ears that show interest, which I paint first. But soon Mollie’s attention dwindles and she becomes tired. Her head drops, she closes her eyelids, opens her mouth and her drooping ears speak volumes. “Hello Mollie, wake up!” I try this a few times, but it does not seem to have any effect. The horse, and later my daughter as well, fall into a dozy state. Luckily the paper for this picture is very small and my session lasts for an hour and a bit. “Right, I’m done!” - eventually I interrupt the silence. A stir, a stretch and steed and rider are lively again. “Show me the picture.” I pass Xira the pad. She immediately begins to laugh – and I know exactly why: Mollie’s pointed ears and her sleepy eyes do not exactly go together! But this painting reflects perfectly the day that Mollie has probably long forgotten, but which will always stay in my daughter’s and my memories.


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